Monday, May 11, 2009

Tag by frenzz

"Write the first name of:
1. The blogger who tagged you
2. The last blogger who SMS-ed you
3. The last blogger you chatted with on MSN
4. The last blogger to leave a comment on your blog or chatbox
5. The last blogger involved in an event in your Facebook/Friendster/Any social website

*'blogger' refers to friends who are in your blog list.*
*If the following persons' should overlap, choose the 2nd latest person for the tag.*

Now, write a acrostic description of your friend's personality according to their names, using only 1 word only for each letter of the name of the person that you have tagged. To compensate for limited vocabulary, any languge can be used, as long as the correct corresponding letters to the names are used. Enjoy."


S -Silly

A - adorable

R- Romantic

A - ambitious

H- helpful


A- alert

M- helpful

Y- young

3/ 4) MElanie

M- MAd

E- excited

L- lazy

A- adaptable

N- noisy

I - ill

E- energetic

5) Ni ( ex- school frenz)

N- nervious

I - ill

HOHO...long time didn;t update blog.......ntg to post and now got someone tagged me so...reply her tag la.......and happy belated mothers day....i love you mami!!!

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