Monday, December 22, 2008

Tag by mel.......@@


*This tag is open for gals and boys
*be honest
*it must be true
*there must only have 1 answer
*no tagging back, at lease 10 ppl

Tag: since cannot tag back then i just leave it la...i'm new in this blog...blek

Now start this short tag!!


What is your favourite colour?
Blue, white, black, purple

what is your favourite food?
western food, chinese food, italian food

What is your favourite drink?
of course coke la!!!!..still need to think mer...

More question~~~

What kinds of gal or guy do you perfer? more than 1 answer
-must show some caring to me (very important)
-know how to respect ppl
-is a person who know how to forgive ppl's mistake
( very important)
-outlook must be quite need to pretty...normal ok already...
- she is a christian!!!( dam freaking important/ 1st consideration@@)
- ohya...must be open-minded
-at lease know some basic stuff about need too pro....
-and like to do things that i like do to or always have some chinese is "Mo qi"
-pls don;t taller than me..i will pengsan... almost same heigh or short than me abit...don't too much..because it cause difficulties
- a person who talkactive...because i'm a quiet person..need someone to let me become noisy abit..blek
....( very important)

* alot interested....can ask me la......very hard to mentioned all of it here.....but those things that i mentioned here is quite important....

How do you want your crush to confess to you?*more than 1 answer
er...up to long as you show your "chen yi" or your true feelings about me..then i will be very thankful to you ........face to face...or msn....via named it....i'm a flexible big deal....

What do you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to give during Valentine's
anything....same as the previous question.....true feelings....your commiment...

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