Monday, January 5, 2009

gathering with high school frenz (10-12-08)

first of all..i wanna to said sorry to all my frenz that attend this gathering because i remember that day i got rehearseal in church at night because one of my teacher get married.... when the gathering start...and some of you all keep on calling me..and i so paiseh and i called you all to start 1st..and i rush til there around a good gathering i saw alots of old frenz with new fashion and leng chai and leng lui jor...unbeliavable....

me and wai hong....dye his hair yeng ar chef!!!
me and peng chun aka Lampard.....old frenz i same class with him since primary school
teck lim and become so "in" lioa....yeng dao!!!

take with 4 beauty..but i watch other side.......sob sob.....from right..qi, cian ling, ni, jean..

Thx jian hui for the pic and the drinks....i time i belanja you back....hope that next time we stil can organize such a gathering..keep in touch!!

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