Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New sem but full of worries

This sem started at 5/1/09. B4 that i actually already get the timetable for this semester. It seems very confusing. First, many important sub crush with each other. Timing not so good, don;t know how they plan 1..so damm freaking hard for us to plan for our time. Not only this problem, the second problem is we don;t even know which subject we need to take so that we can transfer there for sure....because too many rumours suddenly came out and many seniors they actually told us lots of their experiences in Help. So i do is actually, we went to many diffrent class to observed which 1 is suitable or wat for me to analysis...so the 1st weeks is the most tiring week because i go to college for many hours, attending classes that i not going to also.....so damm stupid rite...waste of time...i scold myself, but wat to do?!..that time i completely lost.......i don;t know the way suddenly.....reached home.....i having a short discussion with my parents, they jsut asked me to choose wisely and check from the admission from help and the US university, i wanna to told them that i already check for many many many times already and get some basic info about the transfer requirement and so on but the things is diffrent college have different stlye of recuit student. There is always a link with among uni, but the style is totally diffrent just like mayb they accept this sub in INTI college doesn;t means that they will accept this particular subject in HELP. So here cames the toughest part. I went to consult my frenz and ask they opinion, went to the education fair in KLCC.

In the edu fair, we found MACEE , it is a organization that link with malaysia all uni and US all uni....like a middle man. My frnz and I so happy and excited because we thought we will get "rescue" by them, and hoping for more and accurate info for us , let us relax abit. but when we reached there, the guy just give us the paper thats all!!!..we asking for some advice, he asked us to make a date or appoitment with the MACEE...so freaking sad that time..why so mafan de!!!..we went there for ntg!!!!!...then we decided to make the appoitment that set on yesterday.....we went there after we finished our class......unfortunately, we having some diffuculties to reached the destination, completely at sea....blur......the map that they guy give urs are so so so much different..but finally we also get there and we consult by a old american women. We were asking about all the transfer credit and the sub that we need to take and so on. At the end..her answer is " u must go to check from your department and also admission at US uni"....... i also know la!!!!!!!!!!!!! you talking crap is it!!!i scold her.........but in my heart la of course...blek.....so we went home with ntg also....and at the end i think i will just choose 3 subject this semester, because of the timetable and mayb of the inaccurate of the information. I just wanna to play safe.....So now...i still not so sure about it....so fan and so tired..i always pray for it and few nights cannot even sleep well......jsut hope that things will go well this weeks...because end of this week i will be decide which sub to take because the registration dateline will be this friday.....god guide me pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........anyway thx for any1 who give me advice and support la......i will always remember..blek....

writing lots of crap.......paiseh

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