Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy chinese new year!!!!!!!

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( i also don't know i so happy for wat??!!..haha....boh year mood ma)

Wish all my frenz and my relatives wil having a good and successful year in 2009. A new year, A new Dream begin!!!

From here,..i would like to thx those who send me sms or msn me to wish me happy chinese new year......i appreciate.....cheers!!!....

Sorry,...jean if you got drop by my blog....i hope u can see this msg...i am sorry that i cannot go pai nian with you on friday because that day i mayb still on the wayback to my home at i don;t know can make it or not..or mayb you can ask other frenz qi, ni, your bf watever la.. and if u got pai me a favor can?? help me send regard to them la..all also my old fren...i know you like to pai nian because of ang pao....hng..know you de la...almost 11 year frenz le....

Ok la..i don;t want say or talk so much crap in this post..later ppl will burn their pc or laptop..

Wish everyone having a tremendous chinese new year and every dream will be came true.

Take care and God bless"the united state of america" haha when type or say "god bless" will think of USA watch too much movie......boh la..god bless all of us.

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